Friday, May 2, 2008

what is the mood,tone,of the scarlet ibis

The tone of the scarlet ibis was very gloomy in my opinion. Because there seems that if the arthour was trying to make a positive statement than he would change it to be a neagative opinion on the situation. Also I felt that the mood of the story was gloomy because basically the mood sets the tone in my opinion. which is true because once the mood of the story was set than you could feel the arthour's tone throughout the hole story. Thirdly I felt that the story was descent and that the story was displaying all of the things that I was looking for such as the tone which was given right after you found the mood which was very easy for the reader to find and it seemed as if it was realistic in away because of the current events. Lastly, my over all thoughts were that the story could of had been a little more than what it was such as having a bettter ending.

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